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Please find a list of the services we provide below. If there is anything that we have not covered that you are interested in, then do let us know as I am sure we will be able to accommodate.

Press Releases and Copy Writing

We love to write here at No Nonsense PR. Whether you want an engaging press release about an innovative new product, with a headline and words to grab the media’s attention or a trade release to concisely get your company's facts across, we have it covered.

Not only do we do press releases, we write media alerts, copy for adverts, competitions and even quotes and interview responses to save you time in doing so.

Press Tours

We have extensive experience of setting up and hosting press tours in London. We can put together one, two or even three day press tours and target the key publications that you want to be taking your product to in London. We will produce an itinerary for you with details of each publication and escort your around London making introductions to the journalists. We are happy to set up lunches or dinners as requested and follow up each journalist seen on the tour to ensure the product gets a mention.

Product Placement Campaigns

Following press release approval, we will send to our extensive database of key media that we agree with you is a suitable audience for your product(s) to feature in. Not only does it take time to build and customise these lists accordingly, once the release has gone out, we will follow up key publications with phone calls offering the product. Once the initial wave of interest dies down, we also can put together topical media alerts to keep the product(s) and brand in the media’s minds.

We can also set-up competitions with key publications for more coverage at a later date. We do not agree to send any media alerts, press releases or set up competitions without our clients approval.

Social Media

We are happy to manage your existing social media pages or even set up pages for you with regular posts about topical items relating to your products and also any reviews as a result of coverage. We will look to increase your likes and followers with competitions and shared posts from publications pages.

Crowd Funding

Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are becoming more and more prevalent as companies look to secure funding for the conception of their products. We think this is a great way to get innovative technology to the market in a way that could not have been done before. We can put together a proposed campaign based on the audience you would like to target with your product. We will reach out to key technology websites, bloggers and publications to encourage readers to visit your page and pledge.


We have the equipment to take high resolution photos of your products if this is not something that you have already. Usually the media would request product cut outs on a white background or maybe a couple of lifestyle shots of people using your product. We are happy to put these together for you if required.


Due to the close relationships that we have with the media at No Nonsense, we are able to find out advertising costs in publications with little trouble. We can negotiate a better price than if you were to go to them direct. If this is something that you are considering, we are happy to obtain the costs for you and implement.