Widget are a large technology distributor with products including the Tom Tom. I worked with them on many products such as Etymotic, the Think Outside Boomtube portable speaker and stowaway keyboard and mouse as well as the Nimzy Vibro Blaster speaker.

From its' creation as PodGear to its' name change to GEAR4, I helped to establish GEAR4 as a major player in the iPod/ iPhone accessories and speaker market. I organised press tours, launched aggressive product placement campaigns and obtained coverage in the national, technology and computing press, men's and women's lifestyle publications (including half a page in GQ) and TV.

Fossil had just brought out the world's first PDA watch and then around a year later, a Bluetooth watch which linked to your phone.As a result of press tours and a wide reaching PR campaign, their product featured in reviews,  numerous news publications and broadcasts for mobile, press and tech., lifestyle and national media as requested by the client.


USBCELL was the worlds' first AA battery that could be charged by plugging into a USB socket. This was a huge campaign which involved a  three day press tour and many mail outs to the media. The Green aspect of the battery was also a focus which led to an interview with the inventor featuring in the Financial Times. This product was successfully featured across the media and their USBCELL website jumped massively in the Google rankings as a result.

iHome is a major iPod/ iPhone speaker manufacturer in the U.S. which had sold masses of its' iH5 iPod alarm clock stations. Following their U.S success, iHome expanded their target market to the U.K. I helped them to obtain extensive coverage of their products in men's and women's lifestyle publications, national technology sections in addition to TV competitions and features. For this and future products, press tours were planned and executed to key media with constant followup until coverage was achieved.

DeVancer LTD is a startup company who created a handmade beanbag specifically designed for tablets and e-readers. With locally sourced handmade designs, the iBeani took off in the media with appearances in the Daily Mail, Metro, The Mirror, The Daily Star, MacWorld, Mobile Choice, TNT and many online tech. sites and forums. The Daily Mail coverage alone led to a sale every 5-10 minutes that day.

Flybook is a laptop of stylish Italian design. The remit was to get the Flybook to compete with other more established brands in the technology industry. Alongside an appearance on The Gadget Show, the Flybook featured prominently in men's  fashion and style publications as well as computer magazines such as PC Format and Computer Shopper.

Propel RC is a premium brand of Radio Control models including primarily helicopters and drones. Along with a skilled team, I helped to establish their name in the UK by attracting key press to events alongside London toy fair where the presenter of The Gadget Show turned up, and an aggressive product placement campaign. Its' first product featured on the Gadget Show, Channel 4 Wales, Heart FM, Grazia, Forever Sport, The Sun, The Metro and others.

Etymotic produce high end noise isolating earphones for audiophiles, musicians and producers. They had just launched their ER6i range which was designed specifically for iPod users. With the boom surrounding the iPod at the time, coverage was achieved in the national press, music and technology magazines such as Stuff and T3 as well as in men's magazines. Well over 50 pieces of coverage were placed for these innovative earphones.

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